The Secrets To Developing A Cooperative Home Environment Where Your Child Will Respect And Listen To You​​​​​​​


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​​​​​​I totally understand how overwhelmed you feel, but don't worry,

I've guided thousands of parents just like you. 

I will hold your hand through this unfamiliar landscape.

Everyone knows there is no parenting manual and it all seems very puzzling!


No one said that you would spend your time shouting and screaming and then feeling guilty because in reality you would do anything for your children.

Then you have sleepless nights tormented by regret over how frustrated and

out of control you have become.

You've tried all sorts of strategies:

Counting to Ten, Time-Outs, punishments! Nothing helps!

Everything feels like a conflict with whatever you try. Morning and bedtime routines. Household chores. Sibling rivalry. Technology. It's so tiring and you're so tired of fighting and giving in. Tired of feeling a failure.




Believe it or not, you are not alone…

…Hannah told me how helpless she felt when her son's anger was so intense that he trashed his bedroom and other parts of the house if he didn't get his way. He didn't listen to her instructions which made her feel angry and de-skilled….

…Amina was unintentionally taking sides favouring her son creating jealousy with her daughter which led to sibling rivalry. Her daughter hated Amina and locked herself in her room with her iPhone and headphones and refused to engage with Amina….

…Paul felt so guilty, stressed and helpless when his bullied daughter felt rejected and isolated. She began to hide herself away and refused to do her homework, meet friends or enjoy socialising…

…Priscilla couldn't understand why her friend's children were so well behaved and hers just weren't – why can't I have fun with my children?

…Yu-Lan was spending too much time and energy trying to get her children up in the morning and bedtime was a nightmare… 


You know you have to try something different.

Things can't go on like this!

Remember - it's not your fault.

Let me help you to break that cycle.

It is far easier and less stressful than you think. 


You're a loving parent and you don't have to endure that pain and desperation

now you have found 'Parent Your Happy Child'. 

The smartest online course to get your child to listen without shouting or losing respect.

Even if you have no time or patience, or you feel guilty, especially during COVID-19.

The Course Is Now OPEN!

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Does your child's ignoring and lack of co-operation

make you feel frustrated and helpless?

How much longer can you go on avoiding dealing with your

child's lack of respect and not listening to you?

Are you feeling guilty and stressed not knowing how to

raise your happy child and create that harmonious home?

Things are great at my house.
Will I still find this course useful?

Yes! This is an opportunity to specifically spend time and focus your energy on your family life and relationships, allowing you to connect at an even deeper level.

You will learn specific strategies, tools and techniques to strengthen existing relationships, gently guide your child, and learn more about yourself and your parenting style.

By the end of the course you will experience a more cooperative and harmonious home, filled with a lot of love and respect!

Doesn't that sound ideal?

 This course is for you if you...

  • Want your child to listen and cooperate without you shouting at them.

  • Want to learn some strategies to keep calm in stressful home situations.

  • Want to spend more quality time with your child and whole family.

  • Wish you had some guidance on what to say when your child is uncooperative.

  • Want to build a stronger bond and closer relationship with your child.

  • Know you could handle situations with your child better, but need to understand your own perspective first.

  • Want to feel deep down that you are a good enough parent.

  • Have read Usha Chudasama’s book “Your Happy Child, 10 Proven Steps To Raising A Happy Child” and want more support in implementing what you have learned.

Just Imagine:

  • How calm your house will be as you will feel empowered to deal with inappropriate behaviour easily and feel in control.

  • How much quality time you will have with your child because they have managed their morning and bedtime routines.

  • How calm your house will be as you will be able to deal with inappropriate behaviour easily and feel in control.

  • How much quality time you will have with your child.

  • Having an evening to yourself after putting your child to bed.

  • Your child managing to solve their own problems without involving you.

  • Your child doing household chores and you didn't even have to ask.

  • You'll be buying so many stickers because your children will be earning so many rewards.

  • Day to day tasks run so smoothly because your child respects the rules.

  • You'll reward yourself for managing to stay calm even when you are triggered.


  • Two-hour tantrums reduced or disappeared!

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What other people said about this online course

Rachel Berg, Mum of 3

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I recommend it for anyone looking to work on communication with their children and managing your own stress levels.

Dusanka Popovska, Mum of 1

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I already have the book, but it's nothing compared to actually putting it into practice. If you have a child and you want them to be happy this is the course for you. Thank you Usha from both of us!

Marina Colman, Mum of 3

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I really liked the insights into how her young mind works. That's been beneficial because it helped me be a bit more patient and understanding, less prone to losing it. My child enjoyed it all, especially the breathing techniques, but mostly she just loved being my focus and chatting with me about her thoughts on the various topics. I'd recommend the course because it was a lovely opportunity for us to connect, for me to appreciate things from her perspective and understand better how to manage my own attitude and behaviour around her.

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24/7 access to bite sized, easy to

digest videos that you can look back

at, at your leisure.

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Over 50 videos

Multiple downloadable worksheets

In-depth worksheets for parents and children that follow along with the videos and allow you to reflect and make your own notes.

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Private Group 

This group is for everyone who is working through the course to allow you to build connections and ask questions to the course creator, Usha Chudasama.

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What You'll Get In This Course...

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Frequently Asked Questions

5) When exactly does this course happen?

The course takes place online and so will begin as soon as you register. You can work through the course as quickly or leisurely as you wish - the content is open for you and you will have access to the course for its lifetime, including any updates we make. 

6) Do I need to prepare anything?

No, the course has everything you need! If you would like further content, you can get a copy of my Amazon best-selling book, “Your Happy Child: 10 Proven Steps To Raising A Happy Child”​​​​​​​. Or subscribe to my YouTube Channel​​​​​​​.

Absolutely! The skills taught in this course are transferable and can be adapted for use with different aged children.​​​​​​​

9) I have different issues with different children and they are different ages - will this course help me?

Definitely! This course is designed with the family at the heart of it. There is a large practical element where you put what you have learned into practice. You can sit with your child one on one, or do this with the whole family. The beauty of the course is that it is flexible and will work with a range of family situations.​​​​​​​

10) Will this course help my family to build a stronger bond?

11) What if my family is only me and my child? Or what if my family is very large - I have multiple children and an extended family?

This course is designed to be flexible to work to your needs. The principles and strategies can be applied in various situations, so the skills you are learning will be transferable. The family power hour has a range of activities that can be done in a pair or extended to include the whole family! Whatever the size and make up of your family, you will feel the benefits of this course.​​​​​​​

12) How can I ensure I receive the full benefits of this course?

Take your time to watch the videos and do all the activities assigned. They will help you to reflect and engage with your child. The more you put in, the more you will get out. There is no magic formula - in order to see results you must be willing to put in time to implement the steps discussed in the course.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​3) How does the course work?

An online course is offered through the internet, meaning you can access it from anywhere around the world as long as you have a phone or laptop and Wi-Fi! It allows you to engage with video content, PDF downloads and fun quizzes at your own pace, all from the comfort of your own home! This online course is self-paced. You can take your time to consume the content, but it can also be done within 2-4 hours.​​​​​​​

While many examples in the course will be about primary aged children, the principles apply to all aged kids. So the content of this course will be applicable to most stages of your journey as a parent: whether your child is just crawling, a toddler, five, eight or even eighteen years old. But because the challenges facing parents during the preteen and teen years are so different, this course is primarily designed primarily for parents of kids who are eleven years or younger. If you're not sure whether this course will be relevant to you, please read “Your Happy Child”. If you find the book relevant and useful, you will find the course relevant and useful.​​​​​​​

8) Will parents of children of all ages find this course relevant?

7) My child is already happy! Will I still find this course valuable?

Yes! This is an opportunity to specifically spend time and focus your energy on your family life and relationships, allowing you to connect at an even deeper level.

4) What do I need to do to get started?

Just click any of the green buttons on this page to take you through to the payment page. Once your payment is processed, you will have access to the course content.

​​​​​​​1) Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for all parents with children between ages 6-11 whether your child or children are happy, anxious, confident, worried, or a mix of all of these (which is totally normal and expected by the way!) It is for conscious parents who want to raise happy children and would like guidance on how to make that a reality for their families.

​​​​​​​2) What does the course involve?

In this course, you will develop the right mindset to create the right environment where you and your child feel valued. By the end of the course, your child will be able to follow rules, accept responsibility and understand rights within the space that your child grows up in. You will have a deeper, more connected and loving relationship with your child. ​​​​​​​

 "Creating a warm, caring, supportive, encouraging environment is probably the most important thing you can do for your family." - Stephen Covey

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Give Yourself The Support You Need To Develop The Cooperative Home Environment You Have Always Dreamed Of.

It is possible to raise a happy, co-operative and respectful child without being 'The Shouter'.

I would know. That was me. I had to re-learn how to be calm.


Hi I'm Usha Chudasama.

Founder of Parent Your Happy Child,

best-selling author, parent, teacher and a

child and adult psychotherapist.



When I became a parent, no-one told me that you had to earn the respect of your child first.

I got trapped in a vicious cycle. 

I would ask my child to do something and nothing would happen.

So I would repeat myself…over and over again…

Until eventually I would lose my control and begin to shout.

It was a never ending cycle. I was frustrated and guilty at the kind of parent I had become.

I'm sure you can relate?

It wasn't until I trained as a teacher and a psychotherapist, and mastered conscious parenting techniques, that I finally understood why shouting, nagging and bribing just don't work as parenting strategies.

I've trained for over 20 years and what I've learnt has completely

changed my family, and I want to share this with you.

It can change your family too.


Your happy moods will be so contagious that everyone in the house will be happy. 

We all know that a happy Mum = a happy household.

You will be able to be yourself as you let go of that parenting guilt

knowing you have managed your child's problem.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? 

In reality, I have heard about the transformations from Hannah, Amina,

Priscilla, Paul and Yu-Lan…and hundreds of other parents too.

Everything you imagine can become the reality for you.

Parent Your Happy Child gives parents anywhere

the power to create a ​​​​​​​harmonious, happy home where

your child will listen to you.


What You Will Learn

7 Principles To Develop A Positive Parenting Mindset

Parents can find it difficult to speak to their child on their level and communicate effectively. To begin with, you will learn the 7 principles that are powerful techniques to shift the way you frame everyday situations giving you completely different outcomes with your child.


12 Effective Tools To Feel In Control When Your Child Is Misbehaving

All parents have to deal with children misbehaving at some point. You will learn how to use 12 tools to be able to deal with inappropriate behaviour easily and calmly and feel in control when your child is misbehaving.


The Secrets To Developing A Cooperative Home Environment Where Your Child

Will Respect And Listen To You

You will now get into the main part of the training, split into these 5 parts:

     1) Creating the Right Environment: 5 Secrets Revealed 

You will discover the 5 secrets to creating a harmonious home environment and learn how to implement them.

     2) 3 Easy Ways To Relax

Stress can get in the way of a harmonious and calm home and learning to relax is a key way to build a connection. You will have access to 3 techniques that you can use over and over again to bring more peace into your home.

     3) The Value Of Play

You will learn why play is more than just having a bit of fun! Through playing games together as a family, you will discover a range of skills that your child is developing through playing games and will learn to nurture this with your child.

     4) Family Power Hour (QUALITY TIME)

This is where we get really practical - you will use our step by step guide to maximise your limited family time so it is quality time where you can make memories together.

     5) The Secrets To Developing A Cooperative Environment Where Your Child Will Respect And Listen To You: Summary

We will summarise everything we have taught you in a handy downloadable sheet so you can easily refer back to it whenever you need to!


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Remember, the course is 100% online, self-paced and easy to stick with:

  • 24/7 access to in-depth videos
  • In-depth workbooks for parents and children

Fun, scripted activities and real life results:

  • Tried and tested activities
  • Word-for-word scripts to create calm
  • Know what to say and when to support

See big changes in a short amount of time:

  • Make life-changing progress at your pace
  • See exciting changes in less than a week
  • Build stronger relationships with your child and see them thrive

Connect with other like-minded parents:

  • Join our private, members-only group
  • Get your questions answered
  • Connect with other parents committed to raising happy children

Get 1-to-1 support with Usha herself!

  • Get answers & personal advice from Usha